The Eastern Cape Beaches

What better place is there to visit than home?

When I think of the hills and the valleys of the Eastern Cape, I count myself lucky to have been born in such a wonderful place. From the dry Karoo to the greenery of the Wild Coast, this province is as diverse and as complex as it’s people. With an 800 km coastline, this province boasts some of the world’s best beaches.

During the December holidays, I ventured out in my own backyard. I captured the beauty of Port Elizabeth’s beaches and then went on a road trip along the Sunshine Coast through Kenton-on-sea and Port Alfred.  The following images are what resulted.

Author: mbokodotravels

Mbokodo Travels is a lifestyle and travel blog that aims to promote local & international travel to young black South African women. This idea was born out of a desire for adventure to places as magical as we are. We would like to change the narrative of 'mbokodo' as only being about women having to be strong and endure hardship but to remind black women to also laugh, live and enjoy their lives. Our vision is to inspire women to pursue new experiences that bring them joy.

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